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Upcoming Project

Sl. No. Project Title Duration Estimated Budget (TK)
1 Modernization of Power Distribution Smart Grid Phase-I, Sub-station Reabilitation and Implementation of Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA) System Project in West Zone Area. Jul’2017- Jun’2021 996.00 Crore
2 Assessment on System Planning, Project Design and Capacity Building in West Zone Area Jun’2018- Nov’2019 8.66 Crore
3 Smart Prepayment Metering Project For West Zone Power Distribution Company Ltd. (WZPDCL) Area (phase-II) Jul’2017- Dec’2018 972.89 Crore
4 Underground Power Distribution System Project in West Zone Area (Phase-1) Jul’2018- Jun’2021 7041.51 Crore
5 GIS Mapping of WZPDCL area Jul’2018- Jun’2021 To Be Determined
6 Prepayment Meter Manufacturing Plant, WZPDCL Jul’2018- Jun’2019 28.60 Crore
7 Installation of Transformer Manufacturing Plant and Upgradation of Zonal Repairing Shop in West Zone Area July’2017- June’2020 100.00 Crore
8 Distribution System Improvement Project up to ‘2030 (Phase-1) Jul’2021- Jun’2024 To Be Determined
9 Distribution System Improvement Project up to ‘2030 (Phase-2) Jul’2026- Jun’2029 To Be Determined


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